Eyelash Extensions in Duncanville: Lavishing Lashes

If you aren’t blessed with long, luscious eyelashes, eyelash extensions will be your best friend. For gals who want to look like Kim K without going through hundreds of tubes of mascara, eyelash extensions are the answer! If you are looking for eyelash extensions in Duncanville, check out Lavishing Lashes at Cedar Park Duncanville. Here is everything you need to know before getting your new eyelashes!

Lash Extensions are Customizable

If you are nervous about walking away with lashes that are super bold and over the top, don’t worry. Lash extensions are super customizable, and you have the option to choose what you want. Anything from the length, the curl, and the material is available.

Lash Extensions are not damaging to your natural lashes if you take care of them

Most of us worry that lash extensions damage our natural lashes. If you take care of your lash extensions as instructed by your technician, you have nothing to worry about. Ladies, the number one rule is ‘do not pull out your extensions!’ This is the number one damaging thing you can do, and it’s also extremely painful. Your technician will also brief you on lash after-care, don’t be a rule breaker y’all.

Be careful with your eye makeup

Beauty products such as liquid liner and oil-based products have the potential to ruin your lash extensions. Explore your makeup options with your technician prior to having your lashes applied.

You will be glam for about 3-6 weeks

Ladies, lash extensions are an investment. Although they can last up to 6 weeks, most technicians encourage you to return and get touch ups every 3 weeks. Organize your finances and make sure you will always look on point with your lashes. No one wants lashes that have gaps!

To book an appointment for eyelash extensions in Duncanville, call Lavishing Lashes on (214) 859-7645.

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